Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Non-essential things I can't live without

Australian Rainforests and mountains
Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony
My family
Sweet chilli tuna sandwiches
Hot crossed buns during the Easter period
Pens and paper
A Passport
Symphony Fantastique
Friends who can make me fall to the ground and cry with laughter
A flute or a piano
A collection of my favourite cartoon shows and movies
Anything by Mozart

Post Script

I went to a concert a couple of Thursdays ago, with my mate from back home, Megan (who recently deserted me to go back to Australia). It was the London Philharmonic (surprise, surprise) performing the Second Piano Concerto by Brahms, and Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony. Some of you may know that this is a favourite of mine, so I've been anticipating the concert for quite a while.

Right after the concert, I tried to compile my thoughts of the performance in way that would do it justice in the form of an internet blog. Well, that fell flat on it's face! The concert was so amazing that I found it bloody difficult to write a paragraph or two, that adequately described it.

So instead, I came up with a list of things that I don't necessarily need to survive, but could just not do without.

What are yours? If you feel comfortable sharing, I'd love to hear them.


Conrad said...

is there mi goreng in London?

Matto said...

Good point! I don't think so...
I'll just have to catch up when I arrive back.